presentation video

We require all our teachers to create a presentation video, because we believe that it is the best way for students to get to know their teachers a little bit, before actually scheduling a lesson with them. In this video you can talk about yourself, your teaching experience, your teaching methods or anything else that you think will be relevant. At this link we explain to you how you can give us your video.

  • Try to keep the video somewhere between 45 seconds and 2 minutes long. It's okay if it's a bit shorter or longer.
  • You should say something in the language(s) that you will be teaching. If you are going to teach both Italian and Spanish for example, your video should include you saying something in both those languages. You should say enough so students can clearly hear your accent and your way of talking. So at least a minimum of 5 full sentences. This can help students decide whether they would want to choose you as their teacher. You can also say something in other languages you speak, but that's optional.
  • You can be as creative in your video as you like, but it should be suitable for all ages
  • We don't expect professional quality, but you should be easily understandable and clearly visible without too many background noises.
  • Do not include students or any other people in your video without their consent.
  • When you are in a public space, you are legally allowed to record video of anything that is in plain view, which can include people in the background. In private areas you cannot do so without their consent.
  • We are fine with you teaching in multiple websites, but don't mention those websites in your video.
  • Please make your video in landscape (horizontal) format and NOT in portrait (vertical) format.

Below is an example presentation video made by our teacher Juan from Colombia.