instant lessons teachers

Instant lessons are 30 minute lessons that you can teach at any moment that you are available. Whenever you have some time and feel like teaching, you can turn on your instant lessons and see if any student wants to take a lesson with you at that moment.

How it Works

To be able to teach instant lessons, all you need to do is fill in an instant lesson price on the Prices page. You decide how much you want to charge for teaching an instant 30 minute lesson and you can change this price whenever you want. Once you've filled in a price, you should see a toggle appear at the top of your screen (see image above). Whenever you feel like teaching, all you need to do is turn on the switch .

When a student requests an instant lesson, you will hear a sound and the following screen will automatically pop up. You will have 10 minutes to accept the lesson. If you don't accept on time, the lesson will be canceled.

Instant Lessons Notification Sound

When a student requests an instant lesson with you, you will hear a sound. So please make sure you have the volume of your computer turned on. You can choose which sound you would like to hear at this link It's also a good idea to test your sound every time you turn your instant lessons on. You can go to the link quickly by clicking on TEST SOUND!  (see first image).

Note for Firefox users: sounds will not automatically work for Firefox users. Please read the FAQ - Firefox Autoplay.

Starting the Lesson

When you accept the lesson request, you will see a screen appear with all the lesson details, including the communcation method the student has chosen and their communication id. You can copy the id into your clipboard by clicking on the image behind it. Try making contact with the student as soon as possible, preferably within about 5 minutes. You do not have to prepare anything for your student, since instant lessons are generally meant for conversational practice only. Introduce yourself to your student, ask if they are ready to start the lesson and if they say they are, call them. Good luck!

Please be Responsable

This is of course a very convenient way to earn some money when you have some free time. It is also a great way to meet new students. However, with privilege comes responsibility! Please only turn your instant lessons on if you really have time to teach at that moment and don't forget to turn them off again whenever you aren't available anymore. It's not nice for students to have their lesson request denied. We want to keep our students happy!