Inviting Your Student

After you accept a lesson from a student, you will see the following screen appear.

The screen includes the communication method chosen and the id of the student. It will be your job as a teacher to invite your student to the lesson. You can do this a couple of minutes before the start of the lesson. In case of an instant lesson, please invite your student as quickly as possible after accepting the lesson.

Copy the id by either copying the text or by clicking on the . Then go to the platform that was agreed upon, which could be Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or another platform. You can see the platform in the image above. Invite your student by filling in their id in the application chosen.

After the invitation, you can greet your student and ask if he or she is ready to start the lesson. Please never call before checking whether they are ready. You never know if they are quickly going to the bathroom, finishing a phone call or getting a sip of water. When they say they are ready, make the call and start the lesson. Good luck!