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Why Choose PolyTripper Over Other Sites or Methods?

  •    We treat our teachers better.

    We only take 10% 5% (see our 2021 Changes!) in commissions from our teachers. Competitor sites take 15% or more. We also don't exploit our teachers like some other sites which make them give their first lesson free to each new student. Happier teachers mean happier students.

  •    We have Instant Lessons!

    Instant lessons are 30 minute lessons that you can take right away. This was our most-requested feature, and we listened to you!

  •    We carefully screen our professional teachers, interviewing all of them to see if they are competent in grammar as well as giving structured lessons.

    Other sites just look at paper certificates and don't do a one-on-one interview.

  •    We personally interview all non-native teachers who say they have a C2 level of English.

    Other sites accept cheap TEFL certificates you can essentially buy online for $60. Some of these sites are also not US-based so wouldn't even be able to assess if the applicant has the level they say they have.

  •    We listen to and care about your feedback.

    Other sites will make random and arbitrary site changes and also add and remove features with little warning or consultation with their user base. (We know of numerous real examples of this.)

  •    Online instruction gives you an essential feedback loop which is impossible with self-study.

    Think about learning a musical instrument: if you try to learn to play the piano without a teacher, you will reinforce the same mistakes, won't have someone to be accountable to, and will probably lose interest.

  •    We are a community that extends beyond your lessons.

    We have weekly Facebook Lives where we cheer each other on and share our goals and progress.

    We also have active Facebook Groups for Spanish, French, Portuguese and English with high-quality content where you can get daily exposure to the language you're learning and interact with many PolyTripper teachers as well.

  •    The cofounders are polyglots and are learning too, together with you.

    Both Wanda and Mohan (the cofounders) created this site and community from the ground up to give you an amazing language experience because we love learning languages too. We are continuing to learn, share your struggles and victories, listen to your feedback, and make this the best, most enjoyable place to learn.

What should I do next?

If you'd like, reach out to us and say hi at our contact page! We're a small company that can afford to (and loves to) do personal outreach. Even if you're not immediately planning on booking lessons, tell us about yourself, your goals. and what has and hasn't worked for you. We'll help you as best as we can.

Read a detailed overview of what online instruction is like and how to book a lesson.

Do you want to be a teacher on PolyTripper? Check out this link.