teacher credits
Earning Credits

When you teach lessons on this website, you will earn credits. One credit is equal to one US dollar. For every lesson you teach, you will receive 95% of the lesson price and 5% will go to us, to keep the website going. These credits will be added to your account after the lesson is confirmed. You can see an overview of all your earnings on the Teacher Transactions page.

Transferring Credits to Your Personal Account

You can transfer credits to your personal account through the Transfer Credits page. You can read more about the payment methods we work with on the FAQ - Payment Methods page.

Transferring Credits to your Student Account

In case you want to take lessons yourself, you can transfer credits from your teacher to your student account. Please note that you will not be able to transfer these credits back. Since there are no transfer fees associated to moving credits to your student account, we suggest that you only transfer small amounts at a time.