student reviews

Every student who takes a lesson with a teacher, gets the option to leave a rating and review. The rating is in the form of stars; one star being the lowest and 5 stars the highest rating. The review is in the form of a written opinion. A student can only leave one review per teacher. However, each lesson the student gets the option to modify their rating and review. The review and rating will be publically visible in the teacher's profile.

Negative Reviews

Teachers can of course get both positive and negative reviews. It's almost impossible to please everybody. However, if the teacher feels that the rating or review is not fair, they can contact us and we will assess the situation. If the student has a reasonable, negative opinion, we will leave it in the teacher's profile. If we judge the rating or review to be unreasonable, we can decide to remove it.

Making Reviews Anonymous

When teachers look at the reviews in their own teacher profile, they will see an additional icon behind the name of the reviewer. The icon can either be a blank person or a secret person .

The teacher can choose to click on the blank person icon, in order to make the particular review anonymous. After clicking, both the original picture and name of the student will no longer be visible. There also won't be a link to the student profile anymore. The review will look like the following image.

The teacher will also no longer be publicly visible in the list of latest teachers in the profile of the student, unless the student is viewing his or her own profile. Clicking on the secret person icon will undo all the changes described above. Please note that clicking on the blank person icon will only make that particular reviewer anonymous. If the teacher wants all reviews to be anonymous, they will have to click on the blank person behind every reviewer.