Lesson Invitations

A lesson invitation is a way to invite a student to take a lesson with you on a certain day and at a certain time. The student then only needs to click on the Accept Invitation button and the lesson will be booked.

When to use this feature

Use this feature ONLY if your student has let you know that they would like you to help them set up a lesson with you. It can especially be helpful if your student is technically challenged and finds the process of booking a lesson very complex. It can also come in handy if your student wants a lesson in the very near future, since lesson invitations can be scheduled starting at one hour from the current moment. Do keep in mind that your student will not be able to use a package to pay for the lesson.

When NOT to use this feature

Please do NOT use this feature to try to get students to take lessons with you if they have not expressed any interest. This feature is not meant to spam our students. If a student receives an unsolicited lesson request for a date and time that they have not shown any interest in, it can come across as very off putting, so please refrain from doing this.

How to set up an invitation

You can create a lesson invitation by going to the Create a Lesson Invitation page. This will allow you to fill in all the details of your lesson invitation.


You start by filling in the lesson details.

  • Language: The language your student is studying.
  • Lesson Length: You can choose to invite your student to a 30 minute or a 60 minute lesson.
  • Price: This is the price you want to charge for the lesson.

Carefully pick the date and time, because we are showing them in YOUR timezone. If the student wants a lesson at 6:00PM in the evening, make sure that you convert that to YOUR timezone. When the student sees the invitation, we will automatically convert the invitation to the timezone of your student. You won't have to worry about that. So if you are in Colombia and your student is in California and wants a lesson at 6:00PM, you will need to create an invitation for 9:00PM (or 10:00PM depending on Daylight Savings). A very simple google search can help you do this convertion.

Another way to make sure you are calculating the time correctly for the student, is by going to your student's profile page. On this page you will find the current local time of your student. Compare this to your own time and you should be able to figure out what time will be suitable for both you and your student. Please ask us for help if you are unsure whether you are doing it right.


You also get to choose the communication method for your lesson. Make sure you check with your student which method they prefer. If you want to add another method to your teacher profile, you can do so at this link.

Sending the Link

After you create the lesson invitation, you need to give your student a link to it, so they can accept it. You can find the link right on the lesson invitation page. It is only visible by you. If your student is not yet a PolyTripper member, they will get the option to create an account.

What if my student has a package with me?

If your student currently has a package with you, a lesson invitation might not be the best choice. The student will not be able to use their package to pay for the lesson and will need to purchase new credits, if they don't have any credits left in their account. If your student prefers to get lesson invitations in the future, instead of using their package to book lessons, you have the option to terminate the package for your student and switch to invitations. Please note that when students terminate a package, they will be charged a termination fee. Teachers can terminate packages without any fees being charged to the student.

Deleting a Lesson Invitation

Please note that when you create a lesson invitation, the date and time of the invitation will be automatically blocked on your calendar. This means that no other student will be able to book a lesson at that time and you will also not be able to create another lesson invitation for the same time. If you need to delete an invitation, you can do this by clicking on the little garbage can on the top right of your screen (see image below). This garbage can is only visible by you.

What happens next?

The student will be able to accept the invitation up to the time of the lesson. If they accept, we will send you a message to notify you. After that, all you have to do is show up for the lesson and make sure the student knows exactly how they can find you. If you need to send them any helpful links to Skype or Zoom for instance, you can do so in a private message to your student. Good luck teaching!