package termination
Package Termination by Students

Packages can be canceled without any fees before the teacher has accepted them. Once they have been accepted, we will consider the package as a contract between the teacher and the student and charge a termination fee. For that reason, we encourage you to only buy packages with teachers you know and like.

To terminate a package, you will need to click on Terminate Package, which is found at the bottom of the package details page. We charge a termination fee of 10% of the price you paid. We will also convert the lessons you have already taken to their non-package price. The refund you will receive will be the number of lessons left times the package price per lesson, minus the termination fee and minus the difference in price for the lessons already taken (see image below). The refund will be provided to you in the form of returned credits to your account.

Package Termination by Teachers

Teachers are able to terminate packages without any termination fees being charged to the student. However, they are never obligated to do so. Please only request this solution if there are very special circumstances that make it impossible for you to finish the lessons left in your package. Simply not feeling like it anymore or having found a teacher you like better are not considered special circumstances. If you can't come to an agreement with your teacher, please contact us.