lesson missed

After the lesson date has passed, we will send a message to the student to confirm the lesson. If the lesson did not take place, the student can mark the lesson as missed, by clicking the Lesson Missed button, instead of the Confirm the Lesson button.The lesson will then count as a missed lesson, instead of a completed lesson.

When clicking the Lesson Missed button, the student has the option to either pay the teacher, if they feel that they were at fault, or ask for a refund, if they feel that either the teacher was at fault or if there were special circumstances that would warrant a refund. The teacher then gets to decide whether they want to approve or deny the refund. In the latter case we make the final decision. If the lesson was part of a package, the lesson will be returned to the package and can be booked again.

Please note that no refunds can be provided after a lesson has been confirmed either by the student or automatically. Regular and group lessons are automatically confirmed after 2 days and instant lessons after 6 hours.