lesson cancellation
Before Lesson Acceptance

Before the teacher has accepted a lesson request, the lesson can be canceled by the student by clicking on cancel lesson. All credits will be returned to the student's PolyTripper account. If the lesson was part of a package, the lesson will be returned to the package.

Please note that refunds are always in the form of credits that are returned to your PolyTripper account. You will be able to use these credits to take lessons with our teachers. We do not refund money back to your PayPal or bank account*.

After Lesson Acceptance

Students can also cancel the lesson after it has been accepted. However, if it's less than 48 hours before the lesson, we will charge a 20% cancellation fee, of which 90% will go to the teacher and 10% to us. We charge this fee to prevent students canceling too frequently close to the lesson date, which can make it difficult for teachers to fill up their available times. If the lesson is more than 48 hours away, then no fee will be charged.

24 hours before the start of the lesson

Lessons can no longer be canceled 24 hours before the start of the lesson. If you are unable to attend the lesson, please let your teacher know. After the time of the lesson has passed, you will receive a message to confirm the lesson. Instead of confirming, you can click on the Lesson Missed button. You then have the option to either pay the teacher or ask for a refund. In case of a refund demand, you will be asked to fill in a reason. The teacher will then decide whether they want to approve the refund or deny it, in which case we will make the final decision.

*Pursuant to section 1.12 of our Terms of Service.