informal professional
Our teachers have either a native or a C1/C2 level. You can read more about language levels on this page. Very advanced students might want to choose mostly native speakers to help them, whereas beginners and intermediate students can also be helped really well by C1/C2 level speakers, especially if they share the same native language.

Informal Teachers  

Informal teachers are perfect for conversational practice and are especially suitable for intermediate to advanced students. They should be good at directing a conversation, listening and correcting mistakes. They are not expected to prepare lesson plans for you or be able to answer complicated grammar questions, even though some are able to do so. If you have any special requests, then you can contact our teachers to see if they are able to help you.

Professional Teachers  

Professional teachers are trained to help anyone, from complete beginners to advanced students. They can set up a lesson plan for you, will have teaching materials and are able to answer most of your grammar questions. You can ask them to prepare specific lessons for you based upon your needs.

You can find a professional teacher on the Find a Teacher page by choosing Professional Teachers in the Teacher Type/Price menu (see image below).

Teaching Certificates

We allow a teacher to become a professional teacher on this website if we feel that they have the right level to conduct lessons in the style that we describe above. This level can be obtained by teachers through professional, formal courses - in which case they will show us their certificates - or by intensive self-study combined with several years of teaching experience.