gift cards

We offer a nice selection of gift cards that you can send to anybody you know who would love to practice their language(s) talking to teachers online. You can buy these gift cards on the Gift Cards page.

Carefully fill in the email of the person you are sending the card to and provide their name. You can also include a message if you want. Another option is to send the gift card to your own email address and to give the gift card code to the person you want to give the credits to. When they enter the code on the Redeem a Gift Card page, they will see the card you have sent them.

The card will be send right away. The receiver will receive it in their email, which will include a link where they can redeem the card. This will be automatic, but the receiver can also manually fill in the gift card code on the Redeem a Gift Card page. You will also receive this code for your records as well as a message when the card has been redeemed.

If the receiver currently does not have a PolyTripper account, they can sign up and redeem the card afterwards. The amount of the gift card will be added to the receivers account in the form of credits. These credits can not be transferred to other accounts or redeemed for cash, but can be used immediately to start booking lessons with our teachers.