my teachers
Recent Teachers

On the My Teachers page, you will find a list of your most recent teachers and a list of your favorite teachers. Teachers will appear in your recent teachers list, after a lesson with them has been confirmed. They will also be visible on your own profile page. You can choose whether the information on your profile page is public or only visible by you. You can do this by clicking keep teacher history private on the Edit Profile page.

In the bottom right corner of the teacher, you will see three lines which will bring up a menu allowing you to message the teacher, block or report the teacher or remove the teacher from the page. If you have removed a teacher, the teacher will show up again, after you complete another lesson with this teacher. Learn more about blocking or reporting teachers on the FAQ - Report or Block Someone page.

Favorite Teachers

You can select teachers as your favorite, by clicking on the heart in front of their name, either in their profile or on the Find a Teacher page. When you click on the heart it will turn red and the teacher will automatically be added to your list of favorite teachers. The favorite teacher feature can be especially handy when you're browsing the Find a Teacher page and you want to remind yourself of the ones that caught your eye. You can remove a teacher from your list by clicking on the heart again.