PolyTripper - French Conjugations

French Conjugations


Regular Verbs / Irregular Verbs

to abolish

abolir  to abolish

to bark

aboyer  to bark

to accept

accepter  to accept

to welcome

accueillir  to welcome

to accomplish

accomplir  to accomplish

to buy

acheter  to buy

to admit

admettre  to admit

to adore

adorer  to adore

to weaken

affaiblir  to weaken

to act

agir  to act

to like

aimer  to like

to go

aller  to go

to bring

amener  to bring

to announce

annoncer  to announce

to cancel

annuler  to cancel

to belong to

appartenir  to belong to

to call

appeler  to call

to bring

apporter  (to bring)

to learn

apprendre  (to learn)

to arrive

arriver  (to arrive)

to wait for

attendre  (to wait for)

to catch

attraper  (to catch)

to advance

avancer  (to advance)

to warn

avertir  (to warn)

to have

avoir  (to have)