comments for the student

After a lesson is confirmed, teachers will receive a notification that they can leave a comment for the student. If you don't want to leave a comment, you can simply click the Done button, without filling anything in.

Even though comments are completely optional, we do encourage you to write something, especially to new students. Some students really appreciate these comments. You can write anything you want. You could say for instants that you enjoyed the lesson. That you thought that the level of your student was great. What you feel they should work on. That you would love to see your student again in class. Whatever you feel like saying to your student.

You will get 5 days to write a comment. After either the 5 days or hitting the Done button, your picture will be publicly visible in the student's profile together with the last comment that you have left, unless the student has chosen to keep their lesson details private, in which case only the student will be able to see this information. If you have not left a comment, you will still appear as one of their recent teachers.